2015 Candidate Videos

Police Commission Videos

Endorsed by APT

Other Police Commission Interviews

City Council Videos

Endorsed by APT

Note: The APT has also endorsed John Palreiro. He was not able to interview on camera due to being ill, but we spoke with him separately.

Other City Council Interviews

School Board Videos

Endorsed by APT

Other School Board Interviews

2 Responses to 2015 Candidate Videos

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  2. Cheri Bach says:

    These are really good interviews and resources for all residents of Portsmouth.
    Available on PPMtv Comcast Channel 98 and their website youtube videos. But they don’t seem to be promoted well – I saw one article about these interviews in the newspaper a while back… before they were really up and running. Can you do something to promote them so they are viewed more? I apologize if I have missed the promotions.

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