See HERE for Salary breakdown for 2009 for all officers.

**Police Officers are eligible to retire under guidelines here at age 45 with 20 years service.
*Yes it really is 63.5 PAID POSSIBLE DAYS OF LEAVE for 20 years service that Ranking Officers can receive. Here is the math with source clauses from the contract. RankingOfficersContract – OLD EXPIRED CONTRACT – HERE.
Portsmouth will pay $500K more to the 16-member Ranking Officer’s union over 6 years. Click HERE for Herald article “Portsmouth will pay $500K more to police” 12/10/10

Click HERE for Herald article 12/3/2010 “Taxpayers urged to study police pact”

Click HERE for Herald article 12/3/2010 “Councilors bash police union contracts ‘Absurd’ benefits dwarf private sector”.

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