Do We Work for the City Workers or Do They Work for Us?

Wednesday, 04 November 2009
According to the 2008 Economic & Labor Market Information Bureau, the city of Portsmouth is the second largest employer in Portsmouth. This is up from 2005 when it was the third largest employer. In 2008 the city had 937 city employees in a total city population of 20,500. That is one city employee for every 20.8 taxpayers. Excessive taxes pay for this monstrous work force. The size of the city’s work force is unsustainable.This work force is at it’s highest level ever – in spite of the city population dropping. It is also one of the best paid work forces – a work force you pay for at premium prices. A work force dominated by powerful unions with no competition.

When you look for service, perhaps someone to work on your house, do you shop for the best service at the best price? Of course you do.

Do most of the city councilors shop for the best service at the best price? From past budgets they give away the farm to purchase our services!

Can you find jobs that offer the security, wages and benefits the city offers in the private sector in the numbers the city hires? A resounding NO!

Mayor Ferrini does not talk about the best service at the best price. Instead he talks of paying workers, who have no competition, a ‘fair wage’. This is politician speak for “highest wage that can be squeezed from the taxpayer”.

Tax increases have gone far above personal income increases.

Have you noticed better services or more of them to justify the tax increases of 3 to 4 times over the last ten years?

Has your income increased 3 to 4 times over the last ten years?

Should city employees get raises every year when yours goes down?

When private jobs, which pay for city jobs, go away, is it the right path to continue with high amounts of city workforces?

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