Membership Questions

Can I join the Association of Portmouth Taxpayers?

Yes. To join, please email Alternatively, come to our monthly meeting, whose date, time, and location is posted on the website.
What can I do to help?
You can help in a number of ways, including fund raising, membership, writing articles and doing analysis.Use the Contact Us form on the website to send us an email. Include your name, phone number, and email address, and give us an idea of how you’l like to help. If you don’t know, contact us anyway and we’ll help you find a way to help.

What types of city issues does APT cover?
Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers follows those issues that use taxpayer money.
Do I have to be a resident of Portsmouth?
Many residents may have houses or property in the city but do not live in the city full time. Any time a resident pays taxes to the community can be a member.
If I rent but don’t own can I be a member?

Someone who rents is indirectly paying Portsmouth city tax through their landlord. Higher rentals are in direct correlation to what the owner of the property must pay. How these property tax are raised and spend has a bearing on renters as well as home owners.

Can business owners join the APT?
Can business owners join the APT?APT welcomes businesses as well as residents. Like residents, businesses pay taxes and benefit from city services. Hence, businesses have an equal reason to demand fiscal responsibility from our city government.
How are membership dues used?
Members fees are used to maintain communications with members via mail and toward the website. Money goes to acquiring meeting locations and refreshments for the monthly meetings. Membership fees are used for special activities such as social events, fund-raising activities, and newspaper ads if needed.
What does membership cost?
APT accepts a minimum donation of $10.00 a year. Please remember, the more resources we have — both money and volunteer help, the more we can do to benefit the taxpayers of Portsmouth.You may donate more than $10.00 per year if you think the association is meeting the goals to help residents understand how city works. If the association is providing residents with a clear understanding the spending issues and if the association is raising the issues and concerns the membership believes is important and that member feel his or her voice is being heard.
Is the APT involved with local elections and voting?
Yes, APT wants all registered voters to be actively involved in the democratic process. When appropriate, the APT endorses candidates whom we believe are doing their job to ensure fiscal responsibility.
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