No Reason Not to Vote

Written by A Voter Without Excuses
Sunday, 20 November 2005
There’s no reason not to vote unless the voter has moved or has died.I don’t care to hear excuses from those registered voters of Portsmouth who didn’t vote. Is Portsmouth, New Hampshire, or even America really the “excuses” capital of the world? If this city could collect taxes on excuses for not voting, the city would be on easy street. How much energy does it take not to do something versus to do something?

The federal government spends billions on a war in Iraq to get Iraqis to accept democratic principles as well as to vote for the future of their country. Yet, the majority of registered voters of Portsmouth have only excuses not to vote. Send the Iraqi people Portsmouth’s election results that show that only 25% of Portsmouth’s 16,224 registered voters participated in this election. This will show the Iraqi people what their future will be like. “I don’t have to vote; I have an excuse.”

Portsmouth is not alone when it comes to the lack of registered voter participation. I can hear the excuse now, “See, other cities have poor turnouts”. Are the non-voters of Portsmouth a flock of sheep that need someone else to show them the way? You live here, not in some other town. Maybe the non voter wants to live someplace where voting doesn’t matter to begin with, like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Communist China, or the old days of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Would it be fair to say the non-voter is a lazy, excuse-ridden individual who doesn’t bother to know anything or understand anything about their city?

What a waste of our fore-father’s lives and time to labor for individual freedom and democracy only to have it come down to an excuse. Our brave soldiers in Iraq are dying and back home we need an excuse not to vote.

Beware. The low turnout in elections does not go unnoticed by our elected officials. I can just hear their excuse, “Well nobody voted. It doesn’t matter what the citizens care about or want. They don’t come to the polls. So we can do whatever we want.

And they will do whatever they want.

As for the people who did vote and who do care, Bravo! For the voter, who did their patriotic duty, it makes it that much harder to keep the democratic principles alive in our country and our city while the non-voter thinks of another excuse to escape their basic responsibility as an American citizen.

Signed: A Voter with no Excuse.

APT Editors Note: This article was contributed to our website in reaction to the drop in voter turn out in the recent Portsmouth election for council and commissions. This article is contributed to APT in the spirit of democratic ideals of good citizenship and in the public interest. Please write your feedback to the article on our forum page.

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