The APT Celebrates a Taxpayer-Friendly City Councilor

Contributed by APT Editors
Thursday, 16 December 2004
Congratulations to former APT President Bill St. Laurent, Portsmouth’s newest City Council member.When Assistant Mayor, Alex Hanson, stepped down from the council to relocate to Florida, Bill was next in line because he received the 10th highest vote count for the 9 member council. He chose to accept the position and was sworn in November 30th. Because of its purpose as a watchdog organization, APT bylaws require officers to step down if elected to public office. While we will miss Bill’s leadership as APT president, we expect the city will benefit enormously by the addition of Bill as a taxpayer friendly Councilor. We look forward to Bill’s continued participation as an APT member and wish him well as a friend. As provided in the APT bylaws, APT Vice President, Neil Novello, is currently acting president.
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