2015 Candiate Endorsements & Broadcast Schedule

Drum Roll Please!
The Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers endorsements for 2015 are:

Interviews will be broadcast on PPMTV Comcast channel 98 – M-F and Sunday 3 hours per day until the election. The broadcast schedule is available here.

City Council:

We sought candidates for City Council who we believe will:

  • Make it their priority to keep spending and taxes under control
  • Prioritize the interests of residents
  • Ensure honesty and transparency of government in Portsmouth
  • Have a sensible approach to the water treatment plant

We endorse the following candidates for city council:

  • Jack Thorsen
  • Esther Kennedy
  • Duncan MacCallum
  • Rick Becksted, Jr.
  • John Palreiro

Police Commission:

The Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers sought out candidates who were most focused on cleaning up the Police Department. It’s high time this is done, and the candidates we have chosen appear to be the best ones to do so. We applaud their intentions and hope we can applaud they accomplishments a year or two down the road.

  • Joe Plaia
  • Joe Onosko

School Board:

The Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers sought candidates who are focused on providing school services in a fiscally responsible manner, are oriented towards local versus federal or state control of our schools, and are concerned about student privacy and data collection issues. While no candidates fully meet our requirements, we have endorsed two candidates whom we believe are open to dialog on these issues, and to some degree have expressed some of the same concerns we cite above:

  • Gary Epler
  • Clayton Emery

Please support these candidates for election in 2015. Display their election signs and email us at: info@portsmouthtaxpayers.com if you would like to display one of our election signs on your property.

Thank You!

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2 Responses to 2015 Candiate Endorsements & Broadcast Schedule

  1. L.E. Groux says:

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Karen Johnson says:

    Thanks for creating such an informative website- it is much needed!
    We will be voting and hoping that this city can get its priorities right: an affordable place to live with a variety of businesses.
    Please put up as many voting signs as you’d like on our property: 455 South St.

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