Key Budget Process Dates for 2012

Here are some of the key budget process dates:
  • TUES 17 Jan: City council initial vote on Fire Department overspending requests.
  • TUES 17 Jan: School officials will gather Tuesday night at Little Harbour School for the first of many public hearings on the school portion of the city’s proposed fiscal year 2013 budget.
  • WED 25 Jan:  The Fire Commission will hold the next public hearing Jan. 25,
  • MON 30 Jan:  followed by the Police Commission on Jan. 30, which will be at 6 p.m. at City Hall.


  • MON 13 Feb:  the council will hold its first work session on it Feb. 13.


- Local Inflation (Consumer Price Index for Boston, Brockton, Nashua).  2011 average local inflation was 2.7%. ONCE AGIAN,  the city continues to spend at almost double the rate of inflation, the total city budget reflects an increase of $4.1 million, or 4.73 percent, over this year’s (2012) spending level.  a majority of people in the USA still feel like we are in recession – Like Vice President Biden - who speaks for the unemployed.  According to USA today March, 9 2012, most wealthy americans feel we are still in recession. 

- The great majority of the budget is labor related costs. 2011 wages paid to city employees (not including the school department) can be found here. Top tier school employees wages can be found here. These are only the wages paid to employees. They do NOT include health benefit costs. They do not include hefty contributions the city pays to prop up the $3.5 BILLION! unfunded liabilities of the NH Retirement System for pensions. In 2011, the city (Employer Rate) paid 10.7%-24.69% of wages to the NHRS.

- Water bills are expected to rise and have already risen well above inflation.

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