Fire Department Request for More Money

  • The Portsmouth Fire Department has had the highest increases of any department – well over DOUBLE inflation over the past 15 years (1995/96-2009/10). From 1995/96-2009/10, the  Fire Dept budget (mostly salary/personnel costs) went UP 112%. Inflation for these same years was 47%.
  •  Council made a cut of $14,265 last year (2011/12 budget)  to the fire department which has a $6.7 million dollar budget.
  •  With calls made to several insurance brokers, we found that home owners insurance will not go up with the closing of a fire station or the loss of an ambulance. 
  • Assess the true need for personnel.
  • Ask for bids from private Fire/EMT companies.  Just having those figures alone would be an extremely valuable comparison. Consider augmenting the Fire Department with volunteer fire department personal, like many other towns.
  • The Fire Department is not hired to conduct advertising to advocate for it’s positions. It handed out flyers advertising the closing of Station 3 and has initiated an aggressive campaign.
TUES 17 Jan: City council initial vote on Fire Department overspending requests.
For the population density and land area, Portsmouth has a disproportionately high number of stations in towns greater than 18,000 residents.
towns - Click this for links to sources of the above chart.
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