Name Title Address Home Phone Email Address
CITY COUNCIL (City Charter, Art. IV, Sec. 4.1 – Elected at large, 2 Year Terms) (All are in Portsmouth, NH)
Thomas G. Ferrini Mayor 69 Taft Rd. 436-0287
Nancy Novelline Clayburgh Assistant Mayor 405 FW Hartford Dr. 436-6525
Robert Lister Councilor 69 Diamond Drive 431-6577
Jerry J. Hejtmanek Councilor 305 FW Hartford Drive 436-2318
Eric Spear Councilor 49 Mt. Vernon St. 436-8060
M. Chris Dwyer Councilor 600 Broad St. 436-5247
Anthony Coviello Councilor 341 DennettSt. #2 436-9044
Esther E. Kennedy Councilor 41 Pickering Ave. 431-2944
Kenneth E. Smith Councilor 298 Myrtle Ave. 433-3148
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