Councilor Explanation for June 7 2010 Vote #1

*Mr. Coviello and Mr. Hetjmanek tell the APT that they voted for a lower budget along with Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Spear. However, that motion failed. City Charter dictates that a budget not agreed upon by the majority of the City Council will default to the City Manager’s proposed budget. At the time, the City Manager’s proposed budget was $87.8M – adding 3.7 million to the budget – a 4.5% increase when inflation for the previous year of 2009 was negative – .7% (Source: U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics) [Accessed Jan. 17. 2011].  Mr. Hejtmanek and Mr. Coviello stated that they felt obligated to vote for the budget proposal put forth by Councilor Dwyer that was less than the City Managers budget but at a rate of 2.7% increase (the budget that passed) – still well over inflation. They state that while they would have liked to of taken a stand against the proposed increase, they were fearful that no consensus would have been reached. At the time, Councilor Lister and Assistant Mayor Clayburgh were advocating for a higher level of school budget funding. No councilor proposed a decrease in spending.

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