Expired Contracts – Under negotiation as of 12/16/10

As of current, there is no reason the city needs or has to sign any contracts. An expired contract remains in effect until a new one is agreed upon. Any increases to contracts usually leads to increased property taxes.

The APT recommends the city:

  1. STOP giving away money in retro-active contracts. Retro-active contracts force taxpayers to pay more money for work already done and paid for.
  2. 0% cola (cost of living) increase (inflation has stagnated). - STOP giving union members Rolling 10 year average COLA increases in a recession. Social Security is not giving out a COLA increase in 2011 (Source: Social Security Online)[Accessed Jan. 18, 2011] but Portsmouth Unions with new contracts will get COLA increases due to the Rolling 10 Year average.
  3. Ask union members making over $80,000 plus benefits and pension to take a 5% pay cut.
  4. 0% salary increases (inflation has stagnated)
  5. The city use language in the contract that allows the city to OPT OUT of the insurance policies with the NH Local Government Center.
  6. LIMIT contracts to 2 years  - just like council member terms. Lengthening contracts over this prevents future councils from fixing bad contract deals with the city.
  7. Removal of stipends
  8. Removal of longevity bonuses
  9. Removal of education stipends
  10. Decrease in clothing allowances
  11. City employees should pay 50% or more of their insurance – similar to what private sector employees pay.

The State needs to replace the pension system with 401K’s similar to what private workers receive.

EXPIRED CONTRACTS BELOW (contracts remain in effect until a new contract is signed)





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